Omega Eye

"I have been taking Omega Eye for about 5 months and the difference in my visual acuity is phenomenal. After laser surgery my eyes were dry and uncomfortable but the worst thing was not being able to see properly. Not only does Omega Eye have the highest dose of EPA of any other fish oils I have tried but there is the added bonus of no 'fishy burps'. Oh and also my memory has improved".

Susan Chalmers

Omega Eye

"I first started taking Omega Eye in September 2013 and since then have been taking the advised four capsules a day with my evening meal. After the first batch I was a bit dubious whether to continue with the supplement. I can now say how pleased I am that I did because during month 4 and 5 I really started to notice a difference in my eyes.
My eyes were not only a lot clearer and brighter, my Blepharitis was not as visual as it previously had been. I am now on my 3rd 3 month supply of Omega Eye and can say that my eyes are in a very good place. Before the Omega I used to take tablets for my cholesterol but discontinued these on advice from my Doctor that they could be causing my MGD. I recently had my cholesterol tested and the Doctor confirmed it was in a normal range and there was no need to go back on the Simvastatin. He also said the Omega was helping keeping the cholesterol levels under control.
I will continue with the Omega Eye as I am a firm believer it has helped with both my Blepharitis and MGD"

Paul Burrell

Omega Eye

"I started wearing glasses at 40 and every time I visited the optician he advised that my eyesight had worsened. By the time I had reached my middle 50's I found my poor sight extremely debilitating. I started researching laser surgery only to be told I would probably not be suitable because of my prescription and age, however I could be helped with refractive lens replacement. I was also suffering from incredible dry eye syndrome and had tried various over the counter drops and recommendations from opticians, nothing helped. After my surgery the dry eye worsened (a symptom of surgery) and my surgeon recommended Omega Eye.
It took about a month to 6 weeks for the full benefits to be felt but the results were amazing! I have been taking Omega Eye for a year now and would definitely recommend this to anyone with similar symptoms".

Dee Vicary

Omega Eye

"The Omega Eye is magnificent, wonderful! I had tried antibiotics and eye drops but nothing else touched my symptoms. I was so, so happy to come out the other side - I took the capsules and they worked!"

J Galsworthy


"I was recommended by an eye specialist your Vita-POS product. I simply cannot tolerate any eye moisturising product in liquid drop form so had been using Lacrilube, which was far too heavy and making my life uncomfortable. Vita-POS is so much better and I would recommend it to anyone who has the same problem or needs extra moisture during the night".

Eilona Skillcorn

Hycosan Extra

"I wish to express my congratulations and thanks for your superb products. Having suffered from very dry eyes for several years, I have used Hycosan for about a week. I awoke one morning and wondered what was different - I did not have to rub my eyes and didn't feel like screaming. I have now used all three Hycosan products and find that the Hycosan Extra is amazing at treating the problem when it is more intense than usual. Thank you so much for your fantastic product."

Primrose May